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Message from the Principal

Greetings community!


I am so proud to be part of Princess Elizabeth School, and I hope that you are all proud too.  Since I started teaching 16 years ago I have had the opportunity to work as a teacher or an administrator in eight different schools, and support students in many others - and I can tell you that Princess Elizabeth is special. We have a strong parent group who are willing to work hard and advocate for their children; we have an extremely dedicated staff who care deeply for our students; and we have some of the most creative, hilarious, and ingenious students anywhere. I think this gives us the ingredients to make a fantastic school experience for everyone. My goal is to get to personally know every one of our students, and to work with all of you to make Princess Elizabeth the best place a child can go to school.  I welcome your input and feedback. Every day I look forward to the adventures we are going to have! 

Sincerely,  Mr. Michael Burns